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1933 and 1934 class yearbooks

I thought there may be some interest in these yearbooks. My late mother kept them safe all these years. I don't know how many yearbooks have survived (the school was so small.) These are scanned pages from my dad's (Warren McCuaig) yearbooks (thanks to my sister.) Dad will be 91 (Sept 2007) and God has blessed him with very good health.
My dad lived well into his 96th year.  At 95 he was still chopping wood and was healthy and enjoying life. Dad passed away May 12, 2013 (Mothers Day) and we miss him so much. He joins my sweet mother in heaven. God blessed him with health and long life. He was a true disciple of Jesus and the world's greatest dad.

Dad at his 90th birthday party, 2006.

Dad just turned 95 in 2011. This photo below
was taken at a Folsom High School Football game
October 14, 2011.


Click on the thumbnails below to be redirected to my Google Web Albums. The first will be 1933 Wahkonian and the second 1934 Wahkonian. When you get to the album you can either watch a slideshow by clicking on the button that says "slideshow" on the upper left side of the screen or click on each photo individually to make them larger. (If you don't want to be redirected from this site, you can click on the links on the right sidebar to view smaller photos of the album but they are hard to read the names.)
 1933 Wahkonian

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Donovan Addington, Velma Nelson, George Brooks, Mayrie Bailey, H s Catron, Ardelle Johnson, Karl P Hoerschgen, Stanley Berge, Gordon Addington, Della church, Elizabeth Bradley, Lorraine Burgoyne, Warren Hazelton, Alice Howe, Alice Mae Kinney, Kenneth Kinney, Warren McCuaig, Ethel Monson, Clinton Smith, Nora Armstrong, Chester Brooks, Wilis Bulen, Arlene Burgoyne, Gladys Jameson, Marybelle Lloyd, Willian Neth, John O'Bannon, Ollie O'Bannon, Evelyn Olson, Gordon Robbins,Gilbert Bailey, Harry Berge, Bonita Birkland, Robert Bulen, Clinton Church, Dona Dehn, Alice Garthe, James Lipski, Edyth Lloyd, William Mains, Vivian Monson, Donald Neth, Violet Roskam, Richard Berge, Perry Dinsmore, Fleta Funkhouser, George Gustafson, Duane Hazelton, Alvie Hendstrand, Glen Hendstrand, Willaim Holte, Vernon McCuaig, Dolores Robbins, Irene Ziesmer, Glen Addington, Elaine Funkhouser, Clarence Grant, Roland Hasbrook, Lorraine McCuaig, Vincent Schubert, Ruby Stalker, Jack Strand, Melvin Ziesmer, C F Beckman, Reva Addington, Bonabelle Anderson, Violet Berge Patricia Dinsmore, Malcolm Lipski, Margareta O'Bannon, Lorraine Olson, Donald Robbins, Helen Addington, Wayne Armstrong, Dorothy Fillinger, Arnold Lang, Bernice Mains, Bernard MCGraw, Henry Miller, Mike P O'Bannon, Raymond Schubert, Frank Stalker, Dorothy Strand, Betty Anderson, Alice Church, Ina Funkhouser, Shirley Hageman, Charles Haggard, Stewart Lang, Walter Mains, Leona McGraw, Audrey Monson, Lloyd Olson, Harry Wilkes, Ralph Zeismer, Leona Munstertieger, Kenneth Cater, Jack Kinney, Kenneth McGraw, Lawrence Schubert, Frabeis Wilson, Lorraine Munstertieger, Ruth Springer, Mabel Olsen, Zella Gerrish, Bobby Addington, Betty Addington, Elaine Anderson, Lester Bennet, Kenneth Berge, Merlin Burgoyne, Alice Satron or Oatron, Evelyn Grant, Lois Monson, Lillabella Munstertieger, Leonard Schubert, Bobby Starbird, Betty Wilson, Betty Ziesmer, Wallace Benson, Robert Compton, Catherine Fillinger, Gerdon Fillinger, Phyllis McGraw, David O'Bannon Sammy O'Bannon, Max Wilkes, Ruth Wilson, Arthur Ziesmer, coach Beckman, Ollie O'Bannon,Arleene Burgoyne

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